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Q&A Review 구매대행 공구ing
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작성자 김지선 작성일 2008-11-10 22:37:31 조회수 2296
> Deena That\'s really thinking out of the box. Thnkas!
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> Allan I fully agree with you that internal aafrifs should be discussed with domestic residents. That policy should be reformed because of globalization. As aligns, we are often exposed to the partial truth of the event or one-side story. As a result, our opinions regarding the matter are of less value or somewhat biased. There are tons of discussions or comments on the website regarding the event, negative or positive. People have places to make their voice being heard in oversea Chinese community. This blog is supposed to be a bridge between domestic and abroad alumni, currently not blocked in China. I see many guests visiting this blog from that area. So it still functions as a bridge between these two countries although it is a symbolic one. In addition domestic alumni, especially those with official posts, are not comfortable with reading negative things about China. It actually backfires when we say negative things about China, not based upon our own independent investigations but based upon rumors and/or allegations. In my opinion, it does not matter what we are saying here it has zero or very little effect on Chinese society in terms of things happening there.
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